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It is an ideal nutritional supplement that helps to restore hormonal balance and support overall health in women suffering from PCOS. It contains Myo-inositol & D-chiro inositol in 40:1 ratio with folate and vitamin D3 that help to improve the function of ovaries and thereby regulate the menstrual cycle. It helps to improve fertility in women and improve insulin metabolism.

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  • Myo-inositol: 1100 mg
  • D-chiro inositol: 27.6 mg
  • L-methyl folate: 200 mcg
  • Vitamin D3: 400 IU

How To Use


1-2 tablet twice daily


  • Keep out of heat and sunlight
  • Store below 30C
  • Keep out of reach of childrens.
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  • Cosfer  contains a distinctive combination of inositol with D-chiro inositol, L- methyl folate & vitamin D3 to improve the functions of ovaries.
  • This combined therapy enhances the chances of fertility & improves egg quality.
  • The Cosfer tablet has a good safety profile.

Quality Assurance

Cura Pakistan Promise To You

Cura Pakistan is passionate about our commitment to your good health and promise to provide the highest quality dietary supplements and natural products at the best possible price.

  • Testing from start to finish
  • High-quality starts with clean ingredients
  • Superior manufacturing


Why was Cosfer developed?

PCOS is an endocrine, metabolic disorder that affects 4-20% of women of childbearing age resulting in small cyst formations and ovarian inflammation resulting in insulin resistance, obesity, hyperandrogenism and hirsutism. Cosfer with its unique formulation helps to restore hormonal balance and support overall health for women suffering from PCOS.

Why is cosfer better than other products available in the market?

Cosfer tablet is a unique blend of two well-known ingredients that present in a 40:1 ratio that is ideal to increase female fertility.

Can cosfer help to reduce hirsutism?

Yes, it naturally reduces the androgen level due to which excessive hair growth is reduced.

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  • helpful tablt very effective

    Asghar Khan

  • I try cura's product very effective and healfull formulation, satisfied by cura pakistan's service and products

    sara khan

  • Best product, amazing service,